"Jabiru" Australian Bushcamp

Personal Development

At "JABIRU", Richard Kamphenkel is using the natural surrounds and horses in his Camp Fire Seminars to run multi faceted training programmes for the private and corporate sectors, to assist in all areas of personal development and problem solving.

The underlying basis for all training at Jabiru is positive psychology.

Aiming to teach self awareness and values, encouraging to extend personal boundaries and to eliminating negative conditioning by working with nature and animals, with farm activities and camp fires.

Jabiru’s own personal development program is making it an easy task for people who are willing, to embark onto a happier life’s journey.

Programs have been run for:

  • United Synergies - Noosa Youth Service
  • Noosa State School Special Education Unit
  • German – Australian Student Exchange Schools
  • Gympie State High School
  • Pomona After School Care
  • Gateway Baptist Church
  • SES Sunshine Coast
  • "Enjo" consultants
  • Pony Clubs Noosa /Tewantin, SCATTER, Eumundi, Cooran


Programs are tailored to the individual needs of the participants; from problem solving and education, to Australian heritage subjects or just pure campfire entertainment, enabling anybody who desires so to “get back to nature and to get in harmony with “self" again.

Horses are a primary focus at "JABIRU". We have found them to be exceptional personal development tools, in particular for non horse people, as they have the ability to very effectively reflect communication, trust, respect, assertiveness, consequentiality, non aggression and responsibility, or the lack of it, among other personal skills.

"JABIRU" Australian Bush Camp is well on it’s way to becoming the foremost personal development camp of its kind. A natural place to reintroduce values, awareness, positiveness, self sufficiency and self reliance. Responsibility and life skills are taught, using horses, nature and outdoor activities to assist.

Facilities are available for hire for private functions.




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