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Herd Re-education

Social skills and Communication

Are you whispering to a foreigner?

By Richard Kamphenkel “Jabiru” Australian Bush Camp

Have you decided to replace Forcemanship with Horsemanship?

Have you spent countless time and money on books and expensive training programmes, learnt the communication basics and are you still as frustrated, as your horse is, with slow training progress and ineffective communication?

Then consider this:

Your horse might not understand horse language!

Commonly the modern horse is been brought up in humanised surroundings, living in restricted areas, with a few paddock mates at best, learning of each other. Possibly a case of ‘the blind leading the blind’, drawing of the left over instinctive behaviour patterns, which are limited due to the lack of exposure to natural herd socialization, behaviour and communication skills

Like it to a child being brought up by mum and monkeys, skipping kindergarden and preschool to be thrown into high school.

The horse’s make up, being a flight animal, is totally relying on leadership for security and protection, its wellbeing and importantly its peace of mind.

Taking leadership away, by removing it from its herd, come leading stallion or mare, it has no other option than to become a leader itself. A situation it does not want to be in which acts against its natural behaviour and instincts. Having to do two jobs now, feeding and being a horse, but also having to be constantly on guard, needing to protect itself, will creates artificial stress syndromes and psychosomatic stress behaviour.

Your horse is looking to you to take over the role as leading stallion or mare to relief it from its misery, to be carefree again, to just be a horse.

To gain its trust and respect you have to communicate with it successfully and for that it has to be able to understand you. Your language is herd language as you have read about it, his understanding is based on his past experiences.

To reach a common ground to enable successful communication is easy enough: It seems that taking your horse back to kindergarden…to expose it for a short period of time to a natural herd environment to be resocialized and reducated, as only nature can do it, is all it takes.

Experience has shown that our brumby lead herd, roaming free on “Jabiru”s 500 acres, is just doing the trick.. Newcomers, depending on their state of attitude and social awareness, are quickly integrated into the herd. Already after a few days they show signs of relaxation and normal herd behaviour. Generally within 3-4 weeks the horse will have lost many trained fear and behaviour issues and is ready to start its training programme with its owner to build up trust and respect, talking the same language.

The “Brumby Wise” Herd Behaviour and Communication Retraining is available for a limited amount of horses. For more information please call the “Jabiru” Australian Bush Camp on 07.5485 3461.




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